Unholy Orders

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Unholy orders is my latest novel. It is a fact based novel, that was inspired by my years employed at a senior management level, by the Corporation of the Church House Westminster London. It will be published in October 2013, and will be available at all the usual outlets.
The Church House itself, is the London headquarters of the Church of England. It is where twice yearly, the Church holds its General Synod. The Corporation by Royal Charter, are the administrators of the Church House

I can almost hear the yawns of those that have managed to read this far, under the mistaken assumption that this is just another happy clappy Religion themed tome. True, it is based in the headquarters of the Church, but that is merely coincidental.

Unholy Orders

By Roger Bishop

When Richard Walker decides to reinvent himself and improve his position in life, he has no idea just how far his efforts are going to take him. The corridors of Church House and those of Lambeth Palace become his path to eventual fulfilment – material fulfilment. This is a rags-to-riches story about deception, corruption, love and fallibility, centred on the internal machinations of the Church of England, with all its hypocrisy and wasteful practices.

 The novel raises quite a few questions too, especially concerning the inner workings of the Church, and those that hold high office within it. Between now and the books publication in October 2013, I shall be including a few of those questions here on my blog.

Please look back, and see what these questions are, as I am very interested in discovering peoples opinions regarding the workings of the Church of England, and discovering if they equate with the reality, as discovered first hand by myself. Here is my first topic.

Defrocked clergy. Those that for a variety of reasons, have found themselves defrocked by their Bishops, what do you think happens to them afterwards?

Should the Queen or any reigning Monarch, wish to abdicate, he/she must first obtain permission to do so from the Prime Minister of the day, together with the incumbent Archbishop of Canterbury. During the Charles/ Diana marriage breakdown, were John Major and Lord Runcie, ever approached on the subject by Buckingham Palace, even off the record?

Have you ever wondered how the Church makes its money? Do you believe that the Tithe given weekly at services on a Sunday only goes towards the salary and expenses of your local vicar?
Ever wondered why the Church never pays for the new roof, or other renovations to your local Church, but expects you the congregation to stump up the money, by way of an appeal?

There are those that believe, that if they repent on their deathbed and leave everything they have to the Church, that they will be able to buy their way into Heaven. Whether or not this is correct, we will all have to wait to discover. Meanwhile, what exactly happens to everything they donate?

How about the hostage crisis in Beirut. Have you ever wondered how it was really resolved, and would you like to learn about the mistakes, bordering on farce, that led up to their eventual release?

How did the Church of England come to be Landlords of more brothels in London, than any Soho gangster could ever dream about?

How did the Church of England manage to lose over two billion pounds in the eighties, when everyone else was making money?

Did you know that the Church of England own one of the largest, and one of the most valuable art collections in the country, yet few are ever on display to the public? Would you like to discover how this came about? Also, who is responsible for their safe storage, and who decides where they might be displayed? The answer to these questions may well surprise you, as well as make anyone thinking of leaving everything to the Church, think again.

The ordination of women priests into the Church of England, what went on behind the scenes, in order to achieve that YES vote at Synod?

Church of England synod told not to delay over women bishops | World news | The Guardian http://buff.ly/19AFE6R

Who really runs the Church of England?

What did the Archbishops wife wear to greet her dinner guests?

What hidden secrets, did the cellars of Lambeth Palace finally reveal?

In 1991, the bookmakers were offering odds on who was going to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Seen by them, and everyone else as just a novelty bet, just a bit of fun, but it was to cost them dearly. Who was it that masterminded the betting coup utilising inside information? Equally, how did they achieve it without raising the suspicions of both the bookmakers and the Church? Its obviously still going on today, but to a lesser extent. As none of those involved in the 1991 coup are still with the Church…see link below

Unholy row as bookmakers accuse churchmen of clerical betting fix http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Unholy-row-bookmakers-accuse-churchmen…  Nov 8, 2012 – Bookmakers accused clergymen of taking advantage of insider knowledge after a surge of bets backing the Bishop of Durham.

What did the General Secretary to the Corporation like for his daily dessert, and who was it that ensured that he received it?

Did the Church of England very nearly promote the British Nationalist Party? The answer to this is YES, they very nearly did. Find out how.

Do you have to be Gay to get ahead in the established Church? Just how much influence do the Gays have in the modern Church of England? Can anything be passed at Synod that they oppose?

Learn the answer to these, and a whole host of other questions, simply by reading UNHOLY ORDERS by ROGER BISHOP, when it is finally published in October 2013.

Available to pre-order now from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com just click on the link below.

Please feel free to email me with any questions (I will always respond) rogertheriter@gmail.com

You can get the new e-digital (Kindle) version here at a far more realistic price than when it was first published.

http://amzn.to/1EvaPO6 amazon.com

http://amzn.to/1AE138u amazon.co.uk



3 thoughts on “Unholy Orders

  1. Ann Draper

    I have just ordered your book,so i havn’t read it yet. I read the article about you in the Ashford advertiser and was very interested as we attended the same schools and i am embroiled with the church at the moment. I would love to know what really happens to de-frocked vicars. The fact is i want to write my own book about my experiences with the church of England, but would have my —- sued if i did i expect. I did come to realise after a very short time that doors were closing and the powers that be in the church were closing ranks, covering their —–.

    1. rogerobishop Post author

      Thank you for your comment Ann. I wish you well with your endeavours in writing your own book. Thank you also for buying a copy of mine. Perhaps, once you have read it, you will consider leaving me a review on amazon? Every review helps us struggling authors 🙂 Please feel free to contact me again, either on here or my email at rogertheriter@gmail.com If I can offer any help or advice I would only be too pleased to do so.



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